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If you are not a DFS certified sales financing professional here are a few reasons why membership makes good business sense:

Gain an edge in an increasingly competitive job market

The CCFM designation is highly respected by employers as a standard of true excellence and professionalism in the heavy equipment financing industry. This is why CCFM's and students enrolled in the CCFM program are in high demand. The program’s combination of strong academic preparation and practical work experience gives you the edge in today's competitive job market.

Employers recognize that as a CCFM or student enrolled in the CCFM Program, not only do you have a strong academic background, but you are also required to obtain relevant work experience. They know that as you progress through the CCFM Program, you are being prepared to serve more of their customer’s financing needs.

Furthermore, CCFM's must participate in continuing professional development and strictly adhere to a highly respected code of professional conduct. By enrolling in the CCFM Program and earning a CCFM designation, you have proven your dedication and commitment to the heavy equipment industry.

CCFM Certification Program

Click the above link to see a flowchart of the CCFM Certification Program.

CCFM's are in high demand

CCFM's are in high demand because equipment dealers need professionals who understand equipment and business financing. As a CCFM, you will have the knowledge and experience to work in any environment, ranging from the small business to the large corporation. You will have the confidence that comes from knowing you have successfully met our indsutries most rigorous standards, you are a member of an elite group of sales professionals.


The CCFM designation is being recognized throughout the world. As a CCFM or student enrolled in the CCFM program of professional studies, you will have the ability to transfer your designation or completed course credits from country to country and from one type of equipment dealer to another. The CCFM designation says you are qualified to service all types of equipment customers.

Higher Income Potential

On average CCFM's earn 10% more than any other professional equipment financing professional. Nevertheless, you do not have to wait until you receive your CCFM designation to be in demand in the marketplace! As you progress through the program, your ongoing work experience will help you advance to more challenging and rewarding financing opportunities.

Recent salary surveys show that students and members of CCFMA achieve incomes ranging between $50,000 and $120,000 annually. Salaries vary between regions, equipment industries, and positions, but with a CCFMA designation, you will earn more.

It is simple: journeymen earn more than apprentices, CPA's earn more than bookeepers, being professionally trained and certified for heavy equipment sales financing gives you an edge over generic finance experiences or training.

Professional Courtesies:

Customers, salesmen, lenders, and employers have a high degree of professional respect for CCFM's and those students enrolled in the CCFMA Program. They recognize that students in the CCFMA Program demonstrate high levels of dedication and competence, and are being professionally groomed under the most demanding financial management curriculum.

Flexible Training You Can Earn While You Learn:

The CCFMA Program offers an innovative blend of independent and collaborative distance education learning resources using both hardcopy materials and leading-edge technologies. You can take advantage of internet-based features such as an online course mentor and networking with students enrolled in the CCFMA program across Canada, th USA, and throughout the world.

Training Program Curriculum of Studies for Students:

  • Financial Statements
  • Needs Assessment
  • Credit Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Credit Presentations
  • Finance Strategies
  • Finance Law
  • Delivery Planning & Execution
  • Sales Support Duties
  • Elements of Customer Satisfaction
  • Ethics
  • Pricing (interest rates and "non-price" pricing)
  • Cross Sales (insurance)
  • Lender Management
  • Office Organization
  • Administration
  • Management Reporting
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